American analysts estimated the Russian antisubmarine system “Paket”

The magazine “National Interest” called the system unique

Американские аналитики оценили российскую противолодочную систему «Пакет»

“Package” is a naval weapon consisting of an integrated Central management system hydroacoustic station for detection of the target and missile launchers, equipped with anti-submarine torpedoes MTT, and thermal torpedoes M-15, which are torpedo.

Torpedoes MTT and M-15 the same size can vary in the number before each deployment and can have effective ranges of up to 10,000 and 100-800 m, respectively.

American experts have called the complex is unique because it has no analogues in the world. The main feature of the “Package” is that it combines anti-submarine and torpedo systems. According to analysts, the Russian system is similar to the American and Indian SSTD Mareech, but both torpedo and do not include anti-submarine protection.