American remained alive after the “internal decapitation”

Survivors of the accident, the woman was injured when the skull completely separated from the spine.

Американка осталась жива после «внутреннего обезглавливания»


A resident of the U.S. state of Michigan remained alive after accidents, which has led to “internal decapitation”. A woman drove up to the house and at that moment her car crashed into the other. All happened in front of the injured spouse. The man rushed to the damaged car and noticed that his wife was in consciousness, but to move and could not talk. The man fixed his head until the paramedics arrived, which caused the culprit to the incident.

Experts believe that the American survived because of the actions of the spouse. The woman was diagnosed with “internal decapitation” – the skull completely separated from the spine. The victim says that at first was completely paralyzed, could perceive it and react to it only a blink of the eyes and silent whisper. However, after three months of treatment the condition of women has improved.

The culprit of the incident was charged with the traffic violation that led to serious harm to human health. In August, a similar situation occurred with a resident of the United States, which the accident went through the windshield. A friend of the victim did not allow him to move until the paramedics arrived.