American scientist gave evidence of work in Area 51

Bob Lazar, an American physicist, showed a biometric scanner to access the secret laboratory, and thus gave evidence about his work on flying saucers.

Американский учёный привёл доказательства работы в Зоне 51

In 1989, a scientist told the world about his work on a U.S. air force base in Nevada where aliens are being studied, through what has received a great reputation. Its the story of a criticised, as no evidence about this was not provided and, therefore, to confirm there was nothing.

After 30 years, physicists have carried on the wide view picture of the biometric scanner, which was intended to pass to Area 51 and was required to travel on it. Its main function was the measurement of the long bones in the hand.

On the previous stories of Bob Lazar, Area 51, the U.S. military has preserved and restored parts of the flying machines alien adventures to explore their technologies, and his work consisted in the recovery of the gravity engine for them.

It is worth noting that even such evidence is not produced on many experiences and are still considered to be superficial.