Analysts have identified the cause of the failure in the Runet

The crash occurred in the Russian segment November 25.

Аналитики определили причину сбоя в работе Рунета

On Sunday, thousands of users have faced difficulties when signing in to popular online resources such as YouTube, and various online cinema and social network. With the problems faced by tens of thousands of users. Specialists of the company Qrator Labs found that the failure was the result of a configuration error of the networking of the Russian providers.

A small Internet service provider Krek Ltd were errors in the settings of the BGP resulting in a large amount of traffic was directed to the network of this provider. In particular, the problem has also affected the company “Rostelecom”s traffic which was aimed at network Krek Ltd. The latter did not cope with the volume and failed.

Because of erroneous actions of the company problems with the Internet occurred in approximately 20 percent of users throughout Russia.

According to network architect Qrator Labs Alexander Azimov, such anomalies can be prevented if the source of the traffic analysis and monitoring network performance in real time.