“And he did that and that!”: Volochkova told the children that it did driver Skirtach

All the questions of the interviewer a little she said “pinky promise”.

«А он ее вот так и вот так!»: Волочкова рассказала детям, что с ней сделал водитель Скиртач

On hatersson account in Instagram Volochkova appeared slicing ballerina interview with a young journalist. After soaring on the wings of victory over the driver-crook, Volochkova told the children that she made her former personal driver Skirtach. That explanation was more understandable, the actress spoke with a mini-performance. She appeared in the form of Barbie dolls. Dishonest Scritch was a plush octopus, and his wife – a cross between a donkey and a giraffe.

«А он ее вот так и вот так!»: Волочкова рассказала детям, что с ней сделал водитель Скиртач

“And he did that and that”, – shared memories Anastasia, demonstrating exactly how to hurt her ex-driver. His words accompany the action. The attention of subscribers is not lost, carried away, Cindy pushed through the octopus doll on the back, and a stuffed clam perched on the prostrate blonde Barbie. “And then galloped wife. So-so, and the girl at first wept bitterly, and then summoned the villain to justice” – ended a mini-presentation of prima. “What the fuck is it with toys? She’s sex shows?”, – immediately usbutils users. “Who admitted alcoholic and being low in social responsibility to the children?”, – surprised the others.

Commentators have also “walked” on the relationship Volochkova and Sobchak. Little the interviewer touched on a delicate subject, but Anastasia immediately announced that She is a shallow person, and the presidency (then “the blonde in chocolate” just ran) – this is some trash. It surprised the haters Volochkova. They immediately said that empty as time itself Volochkova, Xenia – “the man with intelligence.”