Andrew Ranger loses primary sponsor

No, Andrew Ranger did not contract COVID-19. But now, he is a collateral victim of the virus.
R anger, champion of the 2019 NASCAR Canadian series, learned this week that Mopar, his main sponsor and the one who puts butter on his bread, is not going to support him next season. This means that the pilot from Roxton Pond is unlikely to be able to run.

“When he told me the news, my boss Jon Camilleri was defeated,” explains Ranger. I had signed my new contract recently (a one year contract) and everything was ready for the next season. But the coronavirus arrived, Chrysler had to shut down its factories, and all of the motorsport partnership agreements were canceled. This cursed virus hurts everyone. ”

Of course, you would say, Ranger could turn to other companies. But at a time when everything is closing, at a time when layoffs are in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands, it will be hard to find support. Even if we talk about pilot no. 1 in the country in NASCAR.

“Anyway, this is not the time to collect money for the races. People are in survival mode right now. Racing is so secondary in the current context. ”

The people of Mopar however assured Ranger that he remained their pilot, their trusted man.

“Our business relationship is not ended forever. It’s over for this year, that’s all, ”he said.

Other victims?

But now, one might think that if a multinational like Chrysler is forced to ax its sponsorship contracts, other pilots will also end up paying the price, victims of the same circumstances.

“I’m here, I’m talking about it, but I’m afraid for my colleagues too,” he says. We all risk having the same problems. ”

For their part, the leaders of the Canadian NASCAR series have still not come forward regarding the situation related to COVID-19. The season is set to begin May 17 in Bowmanville, and the series has yet to release any communications to that effect.

There is the issue of public health, of course, but also that of money. Because if there is a sport where money is the nerve of war, it is that of motor racing. And the Pinty’s series also needs its sponsors.

In short, we will have to see.

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