Android officially dead: Huawei found a replacement for the obsolete robot

Android официально мертв: Huawei нашла замену устаревшему роботу

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We know that now more than 3/4 of the total number of smartphones in the world run on the operating system Android, the original version of which Google released over ten years ago, that is a very long time. However, for anybody not a secret that Danna OS is already obsolete in terms of parameters, and morally.

Android официально мертв: Huawei нашла замену устаревшему роботу

As it became known from an official source, which was made by the head of the mobile division Yu Chengdong, Huawei Corporation has created its own operating system called OS Kirin in 2012, and now finally it has been completed. In theory, all smartphones from Huawei will be able to appear with the new OS. However, the Chinese company has gone even further, and will offer to install this OS on smartphones competitors to outshine iOS and Android.

It is noted that the new OS from Huawei will be released in 2019, but in that case, if Google because of the demands of the US government will be forced to ban Chinese Corporation, one of its key partners, to use the Android platform. It is likely that the device will not appear this year, as users are not yet ready for this revolution.

Android официально мертв: Huawei нашла замену устаревшему роботу

Recall that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 have begun to fail. It is worth mentioning that prices for the smartphone start from 25 thousand hryvnia, which makes them expensive devices. However, some users noticed that their smartphones started to pass out, and after that cannot be included back. Recharging does not help, as the global re-flash the device. The company began to change smartphones under the guarantee, alluding to the fact that the devices themselves are of component failure.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple showed a promotional video using your iPhone and XS players. The company has long does not remove Studio advertising their products, and makes the movie directly by using their own smartphones, and this video was no exception. On the video you can see a typical day as a professional hockey player.

Znayu wrote that Google has decided to update the Play Market, which is used by millions of users. Among other things, the design will allow better use of the service, as design has become more minimalistic.

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