Android OS received monitor function spent on smartphone time

IT-giant Google has made users a welcome gift in the form of Digital Wellbeing.

ОС Android получила функцию контроля потраченного на смартфон времени


Android OS received monitor function spent on mobile time, which should have been released before the appearance of Pie 9, but this did not happen. Digital Wellbeing keeps track of virtually all actions of users on the gadget. Function controls the unlocking of conversations with friends on a mobile device. With its help, I can find out how many minutes or hours a person spends in different software products. Digital Wellbeing tested on smartphones Google Pixel and got a good result.

Now it is available on Android OS One. Feature displays available on a mobile device program and the time spent on them. If the user decides that it does one or the other for too long, it can trip the timer. In this case, the system will automatically lock the program. The feature provides the ability to refuse to accept notification by activating the “do not disturb”.