Android will save the world from license: Google showed a new development

Android избавит мир от водительский прав: Google показала новую разработку

Android will replace driver’s license

Some countries have already a long time studying the possibility to replace the driving licence card on her digital counterpart in the smartphone. Surprisingly, Google has decided that they will resolve this issue and will help them in all the well-known Android.

Android избавит мир от водительский прав: Google показала новую разработку

On the development of new features was announced by the experts of the portal XDA that in the code of software products, Google had noticed information about the framework IdentityCredential. It allows you to securely store and display digital documents, including driver’s license. It should be noted that the right to a smartphone can seem even on a non smartphone.

Android избавит мир от водительский прав: Google показала новую разработку

The implementation details of the new system are still unknown. Experts suggest that to improve safety it will only reflect demand at a particular time. For example, when purchasing alcohol, it will only show the age. There might also be other decisions to strengthen security. However, it is much better than plastic counterparts, which can easily be lost, or to find out information about the person.

Recall that sales of smartphone with no buttons and holes Meizu Zero failed miserably. However, it was obvious, because humanity is not yet ready for such an unusual smartphones, the price tag of which exceeds 1300$. Device though received top stuffing, but the price is still obviously too high. The company reported that the release of the smartphone was a joke, but not really believed the message from the head of the company.

Earlier Znayu reported that a huge number of Android applications can follow users to merge data from the company Facebook. We have prepared a list of apps that merge your data the largest social network in the world.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi has announced that the smartphones of the Corporation in the future considerably more expensive. The head of the company said that smartphones, cheaper 8 000 UAH will no longer be on the market and the Corporation will begin to build the reputation of the manufacturer of expensive smartphones.

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