Ani Lorak after the divorce went into complete isolation: the abusive pictures

Ани Лорак после развода ушла в полный отрыв: неприличное фото

Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who for several years lived and performed in Russia showed the fans how they spend their free time on your day off.

Racy pictures of the star posted on his page in Instagram. The photographs lorac posing on the couch in a relaxed pose, showing off long, slender legs. From clothes to lorac a translucent jacket, mini shorts and a white towel on his head, reports “Politek”.

Day off today. Time to relax… tomorrow will see you again!”. signed pictures Lorak

Fans were delighted from the output image of the singer in the comments showered her with compliments. Of course, not without its haters.

“Classy lady”, “Candy”, “Goddess”, “the Turk idiot”, “you Have the most beautiful legs,” “Honey, what are you all still meaningless photos…. Your vaunted beauty is boring, well, honestly, Those staged photo…not a weekend woman . Even if she’s a star. But you can’t blame her -a free woman after so many years of marriage feels lonely”, “Hollywood rests”, “Not like the photo, it is not decent for a lady!”. write in the comments

Ани Лорак после развода ушла в полный отрыв: неприличное фото

Recallthat the Ukrainian artist Ani Lorak, who went to heal wounds of the heart to Russia and speaks and comforted in the arms of the Lazarev once again decided to show off the sexuality in the Russian public. Apparently, there is nothing more to take. Anyway, the star appeared before the public in a very skimpy dress. Brilliant outfit tight form of the disgraced actress that the public of both countries have already seen from all angles – chest and buttocks. Video from concert of Ani Lorak has published on his page in Instagram.

Ани Лорак после развода ушла в полный отрыв: неприличное фото

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Ani decided to show another selfie from the car. Detractors found in the picture not only traces of photoshop and plastics, but also noticed the signs of alcoholism.

The celebrity also dressed in a short black and white dress and quite bulky boots. The image of the singer complements the heavy evening makeup, however, many did not like it.

And the actress posed in only a terrycloth robe with a Cup of coffee, but the fans noticed traces of photoshop: big toe looks very unnatural.

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