Ani Lorak showed the girls how to make worth a look

Ани Лорак показала девушкам, как не нужно делать: стоит взглянуть

Ani Lorak

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and actively building a career in Russia, and also goes to concerts in Russian cities, presenting their show “Diva”, has decided to once again warm up interest of public to the person. On his page in the social network actress posted a new photo, which poses in a car.

The photo that appeared in the account of Ani Lorak, she appeared on the overview of the public road way. Singer photographed themselves on the phone in the car, on the road. Where edet Ani Lorak are not reported, but until recently it was in Novokuznetsk, where he presented his new concert program “Diva”.

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez poses for a selfie in a black dress – Golf and high-waisted pants, and on top of that, she has a black coat of medium length. Her hair dissolved, and on the face pretty bright makeup with black arrows on the eyes. The fans never really liked this make, it is clear that Caroline did it herself, not with the help of a makeup artist. The singer smiles at the camera crudely drawn lips. In the caption, lorac left only the smiley in the form of a heart.

Fans do not have to wait long and began to actively discuss the new publication star. So, the most dedicated fans fall asleep lorac compliments in the comments, but noted that the actress has aged, and her attempt to keep youth only spoil her natural beauty.

“Gorgeous, gentle, talented!”, “The divorce went for the benefit of”, “Very beautiful”, “Yes, your mouth – what you need”, “how do you respond to negative comments? And you can write hurtful things”, “Oh, I am sorry that Carolina hair cut even more, it’s still beautiful! But You so pretty with long hair”, “Ani, do you use the beauty shots?”, “Why do you have a concert costume – a swimsuit? Everyone knows that you have a lovely figure, why the slang?”, “The breast has silicone?”, – write in the comments to the photo.

We will remind, wet lorac bare and then it began, the fans could not resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ani Lorak disappointed even Russian fans.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ani Lorak was lost in the woods before the next Russian concert.

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