Anita Lutsenko showed how to quickly achieve success: proper nutrition and pushups

Анита Луценко показала, как быстро добится успеха: правильное питание и отжимания

Famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about health and fitness on his page in Instagram. Recently, within the challenge “14 days without sweets” celebrity shared portion of the workout, which will help to pump the muscles of the back, however, immediately warned of the delayed onset muscle soreness. Also the actress spoke about proper nutrition and objasnila why you need to eat more complex carbohydrates.

“Day 9
So our body runs on carbohydrates – this is the energy through which we move, laugh, and walk 10 thousand steps 😉 Carbs is that?
There are complex carbohydrates: cereals, bread, pasta, vegetables.
Simple: fruits, berries, honey, chocolate, sweet drinks, juices, Juice, cakes, marshmallows, halva, and cookies. Complex carbohydrates provide energy gradually and blood sugar level gradually increases and gradually decreases. Simple carbohydrates ( fast) they give a sharp energy surge and a sharp drop! So if you don’t give the body slow energy, he needs something to live and has requested extra fast (sweets) !
You know? So not pulled for dessert you need to eat complex carbohydrates! Exercise of the day: push-UPS! And Yes, by the way! Pushups hate you too 😅😂 but they are effective! Do 10, 12 or 15 reps 3 sets! And tomorrow wait for delayed onset muscle soreness)),” shared knowledge Lutsenko. Followers began to thank Anita and admit that do suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anita Lutsenko recorded a video, which you can use to align your posture and make your legs slimmer. Training takes only 5 minutes.

Celebrity also took part in a popular Ukrainian show “Dances with stars z”, so I decided to not only learn but also to teach his followers. So, Anita and her partner Alexander Prokhorov recorded on the video short training.

And the trainer shared useful recipe lazy dumplings.

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