Anna Lee commented on his divorce to her husband

Users of social networks are sure that the actress have already broken up with her husband.

Анна Хилькевич прокомментировала свой развод с мужем


Actress Anna Khilkevich belongs to those stars who rarely join my Instagram family photos. In the case of Anne, pictures of children are published quite regularly, but common shots of my husband and the followers of the actress have not seen for a long time. This has generated a wave of rumors, Anna long ago broke up with the father of her children Arthur.

Then, having decided to speak with followers and commented on her divorce from her husband. She posted a photo op with Arthur and was accompanied by her ironic comment: “Arthur, look what we’re doing, not posting photos! So I publish a joint! However, it was made a year ago. Honey, well, let’s tell people the truth?”.

Анна Хилькевич прокомментировала свой развод с мужем


Subscribers could not resist response comments and stated that the absence of someone’s images is not a reason to talk about the divorce or a long separation. Other fans protested that some commentators have nothing better to do than to discuss the life of some celebrity. Users subscribed to a profile of spouse, having hastened to reassure his interlocutors that in the account of Arthur dovono often see pictures of Anna.