Another Quebec resident with COVID-19 reportedly disregarded segregation instructions

Another Quebec resident with COVID-19 would not have followed the isolation guidelines, Le Soleil learned .
D ‘re unconfirmed information by the public health department of the National-Capital want the infected person, a resident of Montcalm area, would have walked into the building where she lives, on the Plains of Abraham and elsewhere in the sector .

Without commenting on this particular case, the CIUSSS explained to us that “when a person does not cooperate adequately, we intensify our surveillance measures with the collaboration of the police forces”.

“We can issue in less than 24 hours an” Isolation order and compliance with directives to avoid any contagion “, under Articles 103, 106 and 108 of the Public Health Act”, explains in an email the door – Annie Ouellet’s word.

In order to ensure that the person complies with compulsory isolation, local police surveillance would then be ensured for 72 hours, adds the spokesperson for the CIUSSS. “The person could go outside to get some fresh air, according to their desire and within the reasonable limits, but could not go away,” she specifies.

“If this person were to persist in disobeying the instructions, a” Stop acting “would then come into force and the person would be taken care of and taken to a place where the public health department could ensure compliance with the health instructions”, continues Ms. Ouellet, who does not specify what was done in the case of the resident of the Montcalm district.

The CIUSSS ensures that its “ultimate priority is the safety and health of residents of the Capitale-Nationale territory” and that “any measure at our disposal will be put in place to ensure its achievement”.

Friday, the Quebec police had to intervene with a young woman in her twenties suffering from COVID-19 who did not respect the isolation instructions. She would have frequented at least one restaurant and taken public transportation, among others.

The young woman, who was found at a friend’s house in the Limoilou district, was taken to a designated health center (the University Institute of Mental Health of Quebec), where she was placed in solitary confinement.

In an interview with Le Soleil on Wednesday, the director of public health of the Capitale-Nationale, Dr. François Desbiens, stressed that isolation is a “very rigorous” process. “The person must remain at home, have himself delivered or bring the groceries or the pharmacy. We rely on the collaboration of the person, but also of their loved ones, ”says Dr. Desbiens.

The doctor insists: “The person must stay in the house, unless he has to go out for an urgent medical consultation, in which case he must contact the public health department so that the latter can inform the health establishment of his arrival. She can get there with her own car or by ambulance if she is too sick, but not by public transport or otherwise. And she must wear a mask ”as soon as she leaves her house, explains Dr. Desbiens.

Going for a walk outside? “We don’t recommend it. The person could meet people, disrespect social distancing, start chatting with someone for too long. So the order is to stay at home, ”says the director of public health.

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