Apple changed a line of smart watches for users

Apple изменила линейку умных часов ради пользователей

Apple Watch

Former Apple CEO Steve jobs stood out besides the fact that sometimes personally answered letters of users. This makes the current head of the company Tim cook. However, we learned some information about how to develop the range of smart watches from Apple Corporation.

Apple изменила линейку умных часов ради пользователей

A source told quite an amusing story connected with this aspect. It turned out that the emails of users and the fact that Apple read them, influenced one of the most popular current devices.

Initially, the company launched its smart watch, with an emphasis on their athletic component, on the design and capabilities of watchOS. However, after the release of the first version of the smartwatch, the company began to fill up with thank-you letters. The fact that the device from Apple helped discover a huge number of diseases.

Apple изменила линейку умных часов ради пользователей

One of the former Apple employees, who told this story said that these letters were a surprise to the company. However, after that, the company decided to add some exciting features for monitoring health.

Recall that programmers managed to install Android on Nintendo Switch. It is reported that the game console now can work as a full-fledged tablet. However, some functionality was unavailable because of incompatibility with the chipset Android Nintendo.

Earlier Znayu reported that Viber will suddenly be paid. It is reported that for the owners of the bots created a new payment. Now they have to pay about 4500 dollars every month for the stable operation of their bot. However, ordinary users are not affected. Most likely, the bots will be much less.

Znayu wrote that some iPhone apps transmit your data to the company Facebook. In the turn the largest social network transmits these data to third parties. Thus, a third-party company create ads that display in Facebook and octalink applications.

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