Apple has acknowledged the existence of defects in X iPhone and MacBook Pro

For several months users around the world complained about the work device and finally, Apple has acknowledged this problem.

Apple признала наличие дефектов в iPhone X и MacBook ProIPhoneX many users complained the malfunctioning of the sensor: it is either not responding, or worked by itself. This is a consequence of a failure in the screen of the smartphone. To what MacBook Pro users ‘ complaints concerned the 128 – and 256-Gigabyte SSD-drives, the failure of which could result in loss of data and malfunction of the drive. This occurred about laptops sold from June 2017 to June 2018.

Apple said that replacement of parts should turn in one of the official service centers of the company, equipment can be sent by mail. Also Apple Corporation said that with no problem.

Recall that iPhone X was presented in September 2017 and is already out of production. The price ranges from 70 thousand to 85 thousand rubles. MacBook Pro can be bought for 195 thousand.

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