Apple leaked features of the new service the week before the presentation

Apple слила особенности нового сервиса за неделю до презентации

Apple will introduce a new service on March 25

A couple of days ago Apple sent out official invitations for his presentation, which, as expected, will be presented new products of the company streaming video service and a news service with a paid subscription. It is possible that the company will present new products. For example, AirPods 2 and Apple Watch 5. However, in the new firmware macOS 10.14.4 found several features of the future service.

Apple слила особенности нового сервиса за неделю до презентации

The leak was discovered by the famous developer Steve Trouton Smith. Here’s what he found:

  • The news service will be called Apple News Magazines. The developer claims that the new service will be available not only on iOS, but on a desktop operating system macOS. It is possible that it will be paid.

  • Users can not only buy a particular magazine, but a full subscription. In addition, it will be possible to rent the necessary journal that makes the service very convenient.

  • The application will get the tab “For You”. This may indicate that the service will be able to recommend certain journals, according to user preferences.

  • All magazines will be stored in the usual PDF format. To access them any time, and it does not require the Internet.

Apple слила особенности нового сервиса за неделю до презентации

Unfortunately, other details about the new service simply no. Let’s hope that the new service from Apple Corporation will not require a huge monthly subscription.

Recall that in the Google Play for Android devices new record – Google Maps. The app was downloaded about 5 million times, this is a record to date. Despite the fact that this application is installed “factory”, it counts as a download, because Google aggressively impose their products, and this applies to Android.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi 9, which became a hit even before the official release, disgraced Corporation. The fact that the company wanted as soon as possible to collect the right amount of smartphones, but the company eventually disgraced before the world. The fact that in smartphones there’s no flash. Yes, Xiaomi just forgot to put in a smartphone flash.

Znayu wrote that the head of OnePlus has decided to abandon the headphones in favor of wireless. In future smartphones will not have headphone jacks that will provoke new and more interesting headphones.

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