Apple refuses to support the iPhone 6: users require explanations

Apple отказывается поддерживать iPhone 6: пользователи требуют объяснений

iPhone 6

It is no secret that Apple introduced the new iOS for iPhone 13. However, as it turned out, Microsoft ends support for two generations of smartphones, which surprised the user.

Apple отказывается поддерживать iPhone 6: пользователи требуют объяснений

Of course, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, not to mention the iPhone 5s, are outdated. Even if the CPU is still capable of more-or-less smoothly to cope with certain challenges, all the spoils 1 GB of RAM. However, users were surprised a moment, which causes even more issues.

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The fact that Apple has always discontinued support only those devices that are no longer sold on the market. Take the iPhone 5s, which although continues to be updated to this day, unavailable for purchase for over two years. However, iPhone 6 for sale yet, and it’s very strange that the company simply abandoned it. It seems that sales of the new smartphones are so bad that the company is trying to sell as many new smartphones.

Apple отказывается поддерживать iPhone 6: пользователи требуют объяснений

Recall that the experts ranked the most reliable smartphone in the world. Surprisingly, Apple Corporation that is renowned for the quality of their gadgets, took only third place. In the top three, not even Samsung, which sells its flagship at a price of thousands of dollars. First place went to Huawei, which has stormed the smartphone market with its cheap smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Google found viruses embedded in Android smartphones. Surprisingly, these viruses appeared on smartphones during their Assembly. In other words, the malicious code was installed right from the factory.

Znayu wrote that the Google Pixel 4, which will show in October 2019, appeared in quality pictures. Now we can consider the device from all sides. Among other things, in the eye catches it single camera. It seems that the company does not want to deviate from his principles and continues to improve a photo using neural networks.

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