Apple released new iOS for iPhone 12: major changes

Apple выпустила новую iOS 12 для iPhone: главные изменения

iOS 13

Apple updated OS iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad. Was changed iOS, tvOS, watchOS, so that every Apple user can update their gadgets to the latest version. After the last beta Apple has changed in many ways, the interface and made a few notable innovations. However, users hope that the company still has fixed all those bugs that were in previous versions.

Apple выпустила новую iOS 12 для iPhone: главные изменения

For some reason, has been added to the icon 5G, although it is known that smartphones this network is not supported.

Presents iOS 13 after twenty days in March. However, to test it out only in September 2019, when Apple introduced new smartphones.

Apple выпустила новую iOS 12 для iPhone: главные изменения

Recall, Apple surprised the audience with a bold statement. Apple CEO Tim cook revealed important information regarding the pricing of company products at the annual meeting of the company in Cupertino. According to him, soon popular model of the MacBook Air with cheaper. However, analysts report that the device will drop to a maximum of $ 100.

Recall that Windows Lite that will replace the disastrous Windows 10, to learn to work even on flexible smartphones. Apparently, the company wants to make an entire ecosystem of electronic devices, which will include both smartphones and tablets and computers. However, the release of the new OS is scheduled for 2020, so there’s a bit of a wait.

Earlier Znayu reported that Meizu Zero for $1,300 and will not appear on the shelves. It is reported that the company did not collect the required amount of money to release the smartphone on the market. However, public is not ready for such a revolutionary smartphone that got rid of the buttons, connectors for charging and headphones, and even speakers.

Znayu wrote that Apple plans to improve water protection in the new iPhone 2019. Now the smartphones can work under water, just reacting to the touch of the man on the screen.

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