Apple resumes sales of the iPhone X

Apple возобновляет продажи легендарного iPhone X

The decline in sales pushes Apple on a rather unusual actions. For example, the company once again returned to the cult of the iPhone SE 2016 on the shelves. Now, however, Apple Corporation again adds another device that you can purchase now.

Apple возобновляет продажи легендарного iPhone X

For the restored iPhone X depending on the amount of memory (64 GB or 256 GB) asking $769 to $899. For comparison, the new iPhone X Apple in the US at the time requested from $999 to $1149 respectively, and Xs is the new iPhone on a 64 GB costs $999. Now, however, the budget iPhone XR appeared a direct competitor, which has some advantages.

Restored iPhone X offered in two colors (Space Gray and Silver). We will remind, restored smartphones get a new case and batteries, and if necessary, new parts is faulty. In other words, they have a warranty so that in case of failure you will not lose your money.

Apple возобновляет продажи легендарного iPhone X

Recall that the smartphone Xiaomi game Black Shark for the first time began to be sold outside China. Now the people of Ukraine will be able to buy a gaming smartphone. However, it does have some drawback. For example, this is the first model of the game lineup from Xiaomi. This year will represent the third generation devices, the Ukraine received the device the first generation.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Harley-Davidson first introduced the concept electro-scooter. By itself, the device looks brutal. In any case, facilities abound, like the electric skateboard. About the price while to speak early, but it will cost obviously cheaper electromatic, the price of which reached 30 thousand dollars.

Znayu wrote that Viber has received a major upgrade. The social network is now capable of group video calling, and the message submission rate has nearly doubled.

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