Apple said that will change in iOS 13

В Apple рассказали, что изменится в iOS 13

iOS 13

One of the founders of XDA Developers Weinbach Max (Max Weinbach) on his page on the social network Twitter has published information about another new feature of the operating system iOS 13. Apparently, Apple has decided to listen to the users and started to introduce changes to the interface, which for so long please fans of iOS and iPhone.

В Apple рассказали, что изменится в iOS 13

It concerns functions, which some may not pay attention. However, many iPhone users unhappy with her. We are talking about how the screen displays the process volume. Yes, in 2012, this element of the interface was innovative, and was just a delight. However, tastes are changing, as are smartphones. Apple had to do something with volume control.

If you increase or decrease the volume the display shows a large image of a bell, which is a scale showing at which level set the volume. However, this element closes the center of the screen, which is important information.

В Apple рассказали, что изменится в iOS 13

Max Weinbach asserts that 13 this huge iOS UI element disappears. However, it remains only to wait for the official announcement of the new OS, and the iOS 13 presentation is expected at WWDC Developers Conference in June this year.

Recall that the hackers managed usamature using voice assistant Siri. Surprisingly, the voice assistant did not try to resist, and complied with all of the team, which required hackers. With Siri you can hack the iPhone, and it will give access to paid apps absolutely for free.

Earlier Znayu reported that Sony abandoned the production of old game consoles. We are talking about the PlayStation Vita, which did not become popular among gamers.

Znayu wrote that Razer has been producing smartphones. Apparently, the smartphone was unnecessary to gamers. Those same devices from Xiaomi have the same characteristics, but are sold several times cheaper. That is why the company was unable to assert itself in the smartphone market.

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