Apple started to sell the new iPhone in a dishonest way

Apple начала втюхивать новые iPhone нечестным способом

It is no secret that Apple didn’t go as smoothly as expected: the various proceedings, the poor sales of the new iPhone, bugs that allow you to listen to other users.

Apple начала втюхивать новые iPhone нечестным способом

Amid all this, Apple has decided to start imposing aggressive and sell the iPhone, which until this moment, she didn’t. As the chief editor, Bloomberg mark Gurman, from the beginning of February, “Apple” Corporation has introduced new rules for their employees. If the service center brought an iPhone and its warranty is over, the employee service should do everything that the client purchased a new iPhone, not repairing your broken. Thus, the company wants to increase sales of smartphones, which have not met the expectations of users.

Apple начала втюхивать новые iPhone нечестным способом

This staff advertised Trade-in program, strongly convincing the client that will be much better and easier to exchange the old broken smartphone with a new surcharge than to repair broken. In all service centers should be advertising a new iPhone XR, which failed to justify the expectations of the leadership Apple. In the case that no employee will offer to buy a new device, it may be fine.

Recall that the digital music service Spotify is planning to block the accounts of millions of users. Apparently, the company does not want users turned on the ad blocker. Yes, this service provides advertising for users of the free version. It is worth noting that these users are clearly more than a million.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company has patented an unusual display that has no cutouts or holes in the display. Instead, the two frontal cameras will be placed at the corners of the upper part of the display, and look like they will be unnoticed.

Znayu wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 again surprised users. It is reported that the new console generation is able to work with projects that were created in previous generations of consoles. This means that the Sony PlayStation 4 can safely throw it out the window.

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