Apple Watch 4 pulled the owner from the dead: on the verge of death

Apple Watch 4 вытащили владельца с того света: на волоске от смерти

Apple Watch 4

In a Network there is another story associated with how to watch Apple determined that the user has heart problems. But in this case it is slightly different from what we’ve heard before. By itself, the story is very interesting, and even instructive.

Share editor of the German newspaper FAZ, but the name of the hero of the story is unknown. However, it doesn’t really matter. It is known that the user is using the Apple Watch Series 4 and the function of receiving an ECG found my heart problem. After consulting with another doctor, he got the answer that it is more likely just measurement error. However, the wearer still believed the measurements of the electronic gadget.

Apple Watch 4 вытащили владельца с того света: на волоске от смерти

Fortunately, despite the absence of any pain, the user decided to apply to your regular physician, and he spent a full ECG, confirmed the existence of problems. More specifically, the user showed atrial fibrillation, and any heart problem is considered a serious danger to human life.

Even more interesting that before the diagnosis, this is the user called the function with ECG acquisition in the new Apple solution for hypochondriacs.

Recall that Sony said that it plans to introduce next-generation console in 2019. This means that gamers will have at least until the beginning of 2020 to use the already outdated console. Moreover, some companies plan to show the game after the release of PS 5, so gamers will just have to buy a new console.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Android discovered a massive vulnerability that allowed hackers to gain access to any smartphone. It should be noted that this vulnerability was detected on all smartphones that run on Android OS. It is reported that these devices, more than a billion, so that each user was under threat.

Znayu wrote that Huawei announced that by 2021, half of all smartphones on the market are flexible. However, it is not surprising, because the company has already shown its first development. Yeah, they don’t look perfect, but even for a company such devices are new, and most of them are just experimenting with the size and technology of flexible smartphones.

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