Apple will be rewarded 14-year-old schoolboy for bug detection

Apple щедро наградит 14-летнего школьника за обнаружение бага

Bug with FaceTime

Apple will reward 14-year-old Grant Thompson for the vulnerability has been found in FaceTime. Teen first warned the company, but she didn’t react in time. Apparently, Apple decided not to spoil his reputation, and it is significant to reward the boy who found the notorious bug with tapping smartphones with the app from Apple.

Apple щедро наградит 14-летнего школьника за обнаружение бага

The company told reporters that in addition to compensation for the vulnerability of the family of Grant Thompson, will receive an additional gift in the form of a grant to education. The boy’s mother had originally wanted to postpone any possible compensation for the bug in College for the Grant.

Recall that in early February we discovered a bug that allowed iPhone users to listen to the other owners of the equipment from Apple, and to do it quickly.

Apple щедро наградит 14-летнего школьника за обнаружение бага

8 February, Apple released iOS 12.1.4, which contains a fix for the FaceTime bug. The company said that during the security audit also found another previously unknown vulnerability. Hopefully, such situations will not happen again.

Recall that the system Android found another vulnerability that can be exploited. It is reported that now even when you open the picture in the network, you can infect your smartphone with viruses that can steal your data, up to the credit card data.

Earlier Znayu reported that the popular email service Gmail have learned to remove almost all spam messages. Themselves, this kind of writing is dangerous because the can have a built-in virus so that service almost 100% of cases is able to detect this malicious email, and alert the mailbox owner.

Znayu wrote that Apple gets on the shelves of the legendary iPhone X. moreover, the device is now selling for much cheaper: 760 $ for the basic version with 64 GB of memory. Apparently, the company wants to improve its financial position for the beginning of 2019.

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