Apple will cut prices on the MacBook, to afford everyone can

Apple снизит цены на MacBook, позволить себе сможет каждый

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple CEO Tim cook revealed important information regarding the pricing of company products at the annual meeting of the company in Cupertino. According to him, soon popular model of the MacBook Air with cheaper. This is great news for those who want to move from Windows to MacOS. However, these laptops are designed for work, not for games. They do an excellent job with the video editing software that potreblyaet while working a huge amount of resources.

Apple снизит цены на MacBook, позволить себе сможет каждый

Now the new MacBook Air in the basic configuration costs $ 1,200. How it is planned to reduce the price, Tim cook is not reported, but experts are not very optimistic and do not expect to see a decline in value below $ 1,000.

However, Apple Corporation are not very good. IPhone sales continue to fall, and it does not suit the company. Let’s hope that in the autumn of 2019, the Corporation will present a really interesting smartphones that users want to buy a new one rather than repair older models.

Apple снизит цены на MacBook, позволить себе сможет каждый

Recall that the Xiaomi company has decided to abandon the flexible smartphone. The company has not introduced a new product, and decided to leave it for the future. So did the company LG, which announced to the audience that humanity is not yet ready for such smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company decided to implement several useful features in their smartphones. We are talking about technology, Game Booster, which can increase comfort game on smartphone due to fast CPU if necessary.

Znayu wrote that experts have called the main drawback of the flexible smartphone. It is reported that we are talking about the reliability of the screen. For example, such displays protective film installed will not work, and keys can damage the screen for a few seconds. However, to replace the screen is almost impossible, given the complexity of the mechanisms.

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