Apple will empty the wallets of the users of another paid service

Apple опустошит кошельки пользователей очередным платным сервисом

Apple plans to release a new paid news service subscription. It wants to produce on the basis of already established Apple News. Apparently, the company wants to cut the user even more money by offering paid services that were previously free.

Apple опустошит кошельки пользователей очередным платным сервисом

The truth is the decision the company has already received negative feedback from publishers – they do not satisfy the conditions of such service, writes Engadget. In particular, publishers of the New York Times and the Washington Post disagree with the terms under which Apple will receive “about half” of the revenue from the service. The remaining amount will be distributed among the publishers, depending on the amount of time that users spent reading the articles. However, as far as the service is unique and that it will show what you can’t do free services of competitors is unknown.

Apple опустошит кошельки пользователей очередным платным сервисом

As for the cost of the new service, the exact information yet. Experts believe that the subscription will cost roughly $ 10 (approximately 289 hryvnia) per month. This is quite a lot, given that access to music library from Apple costs only $ 6.

Recall that Ubisoft has talked about all the secrets of the upcoming game of The Division 2. It is worth noting that the first game was very popular, so the second part was quite expected. One of the creators of the game said that soon there will be open beta so everyone can test the game even before it was announced. A great opportunity to understand whether you like the game or not.

Earlier Znayu reported that the owners of the old iPhone do not want to update their smartphones. Judging by the financial reports of the company, sales of the new iPhone 2018 was unsuccessful. This is not surprising, it is nothing new, the company showed this year, and need to pay more for the exact same phone only smaller part simply no.

Znayu wrote that iPhone in Ukraine fell significantly. It is reported that you can now buy a relatively new model at an affordable price. It should be noted that the shops and the Resellers just want to sell the remaining smartphones to make room for new models, the output of which is scheduled for 2019.

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