Apple will introduce a MacBook without a keyboard

Apple представит MacBook без клавиатуры

Apple’s MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro already has a touch of tazbar above the keyboard, and now Apple went ahead and patented the glass keyboard. Thus, the company wants to create a truly revolutionary gadgets that have today simply has no analogues.

Apple представит MacBook без клавиатуры

Information about a new patent published in the patent and trademark office (United States Patent and Trademark Office PTO or USPTO). It describes glass touch panel, which can replace the traditional keyboard. Whether conveniently to use it is unknown. In any case, it sounds fresh and unusual.

Apple представит MacBook без клавиатуры

On the panel are tabs under each key that the user can type text without having to look down at the letters. When pressed you will feel a tactile feedback, like when typing messages on the smartphone. However, the keyboard is definitely not to be mechanical.

Of course, such a keyboard will be protected from dust, debris, crumbs and different liquids, but most likely, it will still have to get used to. Yes, and its strength and reliability yet is questionable, because glass can easily break with the slightest impact.

Apple представит MacBook без клавиатуры

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has patented a gaming smartphone. In addition to the top of the filling, he will receive a flexible enclosure which can be folded like a book. Among other things, the price of the device will be a huge, and insiders report that it will be over $ 1,500. See whether the device is on the shelves, or is it another useless patent.

Earlier Znayu reported that Roskomnadzor once again disgraced after being hit by Google. It is reported that due to violations of Russian laws Google must pay a fine. However, we are talking about the amount of 500 thousand rubles, which is very little for search engine. Much easier to pay a small sum of money than to adhere to the laws of Russia.

Znayu wrote that the court sided with Apple in the litigation between Apple Corporation and Qualcomm. Recall that sales of the iPhone banned in China and in Germany. And yet, the court dismissed several allegations of violations of four patents. It seems that Apple will soon solve the case in their favor.

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