Apple will release a new device for sleeping

Apple has been developing a new device and has many functions, and the sleep tracking feature.

From sources it became known that this idea is not an invention. Apple has applied to register a patent on a new device.

According to the developers, the principle of operation of this device will be based on a system of piezoelectric elements placed on the surface of the bed. Measuring instruments to check the quality of sleep of the user. All will be on the basis of calculation of key figures and movements during sleep. The new device, Apple developers can submit in two ways.

The first option in the form of a thin belt that is worn on the mattress, and the second of many stickers are located at various parts of the body, reads the data about the pressure and movement of the person. Obtained by the device information will help the consumer to choose a good mattress, which is more conducive to a night’s rest, and achieve quality sleep.