Apple will resume sales of the IPhone X because of the crisis

Low demand for handsets in several regions prompted the company to re-release the iPhone X.

Apple возобновит продажи IPhone X из-за кризисаIt is noted that the iPhone X will be sold through partners only in a few regions, where the decline of sales of the new iPhone Xs and Xr is particularly strong. At the time, the same thing happened with the iPhone 6, which has returned to sale after the official cessation of production.

Also, the decline in sales prompted Apple to make concessions to the Japanese operators, in order to reduce the price of new devices. At the moment, in the land of the rising sun the most popular smartphones are the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. How much will cost iPhone Xs and Xr discounted, not yet reported.

Recall that the disappearance of information about iPhone X from Apple occurred after the fall of the presentation of the smartphone, along with models SE and 6s. At the moment, officially you can only buy the iPhone Xs, Max Xs, Xr, 8, and 7.

In addition, Apple without explanation, raised the prices of their vehicles in Russia for 8 to 20 thousand rubles, and the company’s CEO Tim cook on the results of the quarterly report called Russian market weak from the point of view of financial indicators.