“As Poroshenko”: Navalny Supporters condemned his victory at the ECHR

The victory of the opposition in the European court glad not all naming the event “the standard populism.”

Supporters of Alexei Navalny – the first who went to congratulate the policy after reports that he was able to win the case against the Russian government in the European court of human rights (ECHR). And while some rejoice in another meaningless victory, because it simply is, others try to understand what they will benefit from it. Supporters of opposition leader in the Network condemned him bragging and encouraged to perform the “duties” of a man who really wants to change the internal structure of the state.

“They are fighting for, people worse, and you have victory in the camp of the geopolitical enemies(As Poroshenko”, “And the sense of your victory?”, “What’s the use of the country’s victory in the European court?”, “No action,” “Do business, not the courts win,” wrote Navalny supporters in the Network. They believe that in Russia, the ruling power decides to ignore the ruling of the ECHR on the wave of complete separation from the European Union as a whole. In this light, the victory Bulk to the ECHR do not make sense and need only to raise his personal ratings.