As the older wife has caused deep concern Gauguin Solntsev

5 Dec showman celebrates his 38th birthday. By such an event could not pass Ekaterina Tereshkovich.

Состояние пожилой жены вызвало глубокую озабоченность Гогена Солнцева

She recorded a video greeting and sent it to my husband. Gauguin Solntsev has posted this video to Instagram with a critical remark. As the older wife has caused deep concern of the artist, because the Tereshkovich looked very bad at the moment congratulations. She confessed to her husband in love, spoke kind words in his address regretted that he could not personally attend the occasion. Gauguin Solntsev is not going to forgive your second half for alleged treason. He doesn’t know where he currently is Tereshkovich and was not very happy about her congratulations.

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Congratulated so congratulations! Catherine, I don’t know where you are, but judging by the background, but not the best place?! Thank you for your congratulations, but your point of view and the status, cause my deep concern and anxiety… Why can’t they just leave me my holiday?????! And not let me be without their regular tantrums and blackmail? __________________/////// #govenance #birthday #news #previewer #news #Russia1 #NTV #lifenews #ballycanal #happybirthday #moscow #russia #gogen #andramanov #Moscow #family #SPb

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63-year-old businesswoman recently had plastic surgery. After which the lady blossomed and felt the young girl. The sun immediately got jealous wife because she gave him the reins. On this basis the couple had a disagreement. The couple quarreled, the showman, drove the wife changed the lock to the dwelling, did not return phone calls and messages Tereshkovich in social networks. During the greeting, businesswoman once again asked forgiveness from her husband, but he again did not accept him.