Ashen cross on all his life: the priests of “marked” chemical burns hundreds of children

Пепельный крест на всю жизнь: священники "пометили" химическими ожогами сотни детей

About a hundred students of the Catholic schools of St. Augustine in Worcestershire suffered from burns after participating in a ceremony to mark the beginning of lent in “ash Wednesday”.

The sixth of March the Catholic priests performed a special ritual, according to which is applied on the forehead to the faithful ashes in the shape of a cross, writes Daily Mail.

Sometimes the congregation is cross just sprinkle ashes on his head. In Orthodoxy found a similar rite called “clean Monday”.

Пепельный крест на всю жизнь: священники "пометили" химическими ожогами сотни детей

In the framework of the ceremony the priest gets ashy cross on the forehead of parishioners

However, not so smooth was “Ash Wednesday” the disciples of the Catholic skol in Redditch. Two of them were taken to hospital.

The parents of affected children say, the ritual was held by a local priest, but the ceremony had to be interrupted because people began to complain of pain and tingling in the forehead.

According to some of the corrosive skin of ash, injured more than hundreds of children.

Doctors say that a chemical burn is likely to leave a scar for life.

Пепельный крест на всю жизнь: священники "пометили" химическими ожогами сотни детей

One of the victims of the ash ceremony in Worcestershire

Traditionally, the ashes for the ceremony of the leaves get burned last year’s Palm Sunday worship.

School Director Gerald O’connor Salawat that he did not know how many children suffered at the moment, but, according to him, parents exaggerate their number.

“We receive ashes from an external supplier. There are processes you want to monitor. We were asked to investigate this incident”, — said the Director of the school.

Currently, parents are considering legal action against the school.

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