Astafieva first time after the kiss Polyakova told about sex with women and everyone was excited

Астафьева впервые после поцелуя с Поляковой рассказала об интиме с женщинами: все были возбуждены

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Ukrainian model and singer Dasha Astafieva, talked about bed scene with Olya Polyakova in the second part of the sex-Comedy “Swingers”.

This is stated in the story of one of the channels.

It is known that during the joint scenes of the artist are in the same bed and begin kissing passionately.

Астафьева впервые после поцелуя с Поляковой рассказала об интиме с женщинами: все были возбуждены

“For me this is not the first experience” – says Dasha.

Additionally, ASTA said that the atmosphere on set was very unusual and interesting. After the movie a lot of erotic scenes.

“Everyone was excited. I know, because there were a few of my friends, who then said: “I couldn’t move, because it was obvious that I’m excited,” said the artist.

However, it should be noted that popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, who is also known as Superblondinka, actively engaged in your Instagram profile. Recently, the celebrity boasted the premiere of the erotic Comedy “Swingers-2”, which will be released March 1. So, the artist visited the show “Without panic”, where he spoke, as relates to porn.

No need to panic, the news is 18+. Who missed lift your mood 😂 “, – shared his emotions Polyakov. Followers not passed: “Porn in the school curriculum 😂😂, fu!”, “Olga, you just bagina, admire you 🤭🤣😘”, “I thought Shaw did you so vulgar,Olga”, “Great👍👍👍 Admire You💓💓”, “Woman I🔥🔥🔥”.

In addition it is worth noting that the popular Ukrainian singer, actress and sex symbol Dasha Astafieva often shared with fans in Instagram pictures from the life and various photo shoots. Recently, the celebrity posed in a luxurious dress, decorated with sequins at the premiere of humorous Comedy “Swingers-2”, where he played a major role. So, the actress has complained that she doesn’t have any good photos from the red carpet and blamed photographers.

“I thought all photographers yesterday were “drunk” and with the premiere of any normal photo)))? “heat Astafieva. The followers started to comment: “What a beautiful dress.Tale.”, “Yes, perhaps “chip” 😂😂😂 but what a waist👍👌😘”, “So photographers a special place in hell =)”, “Jana, you are wonderful!!! … and even drunken eyes of photographers 😅 look gorgeous!🔥🔥🔥 I love 😍”, “Intoxicated by your beauty!”

Recall that Polyakov was intrigued by a novel with DZIDZIO.

As reported “Znayu” Polyakova at the premiere of “Swingers-2” showed a new husband.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Polyakov was walking her new husband at the premiere of “Swingers-2”.

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