Astronomer: Seen by the pilots of the Boeing 747 is a UFO is a meteorite

Last Friday, the pilots largest aviation company in the UK, British Airways discovered in the skies over Ireland strange object which took the aircraft aliens.

Астроном: Увиденный пилотами Boeing 747 НЛО является метеоритом


Today the situation was commented by the Professor of astrophysics at the University of Manchester Michael Garrett. The scientist says, probably seen by the pilots of the Boeing 747 UFO is an ordinary meteorite, which moved with great speed. Astronomer inclined to believe that the pilots were wrong in their assumptions. Two members of British Airways noticed a mysterious spherical object 9 November, about seven in the morning at the altitude of 7450 meters.

Seeing a UFO, the pilots contacted the employees of air traffic Control. There they were told that any movement of the aircraft in the specified areas does not occur. Aviation administration of Ireland became interested in the incident and launched an investigation. The British astronomer said that such incidents should be thoroughly considered, so the pilots did the right thing by publishing data about UFOs. However, the Professor himself inclined to believe the object is a meteorite.

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