Astronomers have recorded the rotation of the comet Virtanen

The outer body can be observed by means of optical devices.

Астрономы зафиксировали вращение кометы Виртанена

In mid-December 2018 the comet Virtanen as close to the Earth and the Sun. However, in late November, she became the brightest object in space, which can be observed when using tools. For a comet is closely watched by specialists of the University of Maryland, which make pictures with special filters. Thanks to them, scientists have recorded gas emissions of the object to determine the rotation of almost 9 hours.

In December, the comet Virtanen will be as close to the Earth and the Sun. Thus, the outer body can be seen with the naked eye due to high brightness. However, for maximum convenience experts recommend the use of binoculars or other optical devices. At its closest the object will be held December 16, approaching the planet after the Sun, where will be held 12th.