Astronomers put Venus in place: forget everything you were taught in school

Астрономы поставили Венеру на место: забудьте все, чему вас учили в школе

The planet mercury was much closer to Earth than Venus.

Researchers from the University of Alabama say that the first planet in the Solar system are actually closer to Earth than average for Venus, says Physics Today.

As explained lead author of the astronomical research work That Stockman, he and his colleagues used a proprietary mathematical method and determined that when averaged in time closest neighbour of the Earth is mercury.

Астрономы поставили Венеру на место: забудьте все, чему вас учили в школе

Solar system

The fact that the distances between the planets in our system are usually estimated based on the distance to the Sun.

But the team believes that it is not quite true, as based on the average distance from the planet during its orbit of the Sun.

As explained by the researchers, when Earth and Venus are at their closest approach, their distance is about 0.28 a.e (astronomical unit, which is 149597870,7 km)

“But every so often two planets are at a great distance, then Venus is on the far side of the Sun opposite Earth, at a distance of 1.72.e.”, says Stockman.

Астрономы поставили Венеру на место: забудьте все, чему вас учили в школе

Venus and mercury

Therefore, the researchers conducted a simulation based on two assumptions — that the planets orbit approximately circumferentially, and that their orbits are at an angle relative to each other.

Simulations showed that, on average, mercury is closer to Earth than Venus.

Fortunately, it is unlikely that this new way of measuring the distance between planets will be used in the future.

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