Astronomers took a mysterious signal from a distant galaxy

It is characterized by a hard spectrum, and a sign of extraordinary brightness, even though the alleged space object where it is sent, is far at a distance of 52 million light-years from Earth.

Астрономы приняли загадочный сигнал из далекой галактики

Astronomers the American Agency NASA received a mysterious signal from a distant galaxy called Messier 86, located in the constellation Virgo. From the far object comes from a strong x-ray radiation of mysterious origin. Some scientists are convinced that the Terrans signaling the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Astrophysicists are confused by the rigidity of the source and the brightness of the signal. These signs can actually serve sentient beings. Scientists think that Messier 86 are at least two of the source of the mysterious signals.

To fix the message from other worlds was possible thanks to Chandra. The first signal was seen in 2011. Now before the Earth reached the second mark from the same space object. This leads scientists to believe the existence of aliens.