At the age of 17 gave birth to 7 children: the parents were turned away at the door, love ran away

В 17 лет родила 7 детей: родители выставили за дверь, любимый сбежал

Young Pamela Villaruel became a mother at the age of 14, she gave birth to triplets at once. Now she has seven children, which she brings up alone.

Seven Villaruel I live in a small Argentine town of Leone. Their daughter Pamela was pregnant, and the parents hastened to marry her to avoid unnecessary conversation. However, the guy dumped her when I found out about the pregnancy. Pamela gave birth and raised her without a father.

The girl remained alone, and was soon Dating another guy. From him she got pregnant, but he left Pamela after she gave birth. The reason was that she had triplets, and the young man was not ready for this.

В 17 лет родила 7 детей: родители выставили за дверь, любимый сбежал

Young single mother has not received the lesson from this situation and again started to look for a father for their children.

The girl’s relatives realized that to fight the daughter does not work, and put her out the door together with children. Mother even appealed to local authorities that they were forcibly carried out sterilization of her daughter, but to 21-year law prohibits the procedure is carried out. Pamela remained on the street with young children.

The authorities drew attention to the difficult situation of the girl and gave her the house and land. In addition, knowing that children need to be fed, Pamela received a monthly allowance of 900 Argentine pesos.

However, after quite a bit of time a mother again met a guy and got pregnant again. What surprise of inhabitants of the town, when she had three girls. Young father, of course, disappeared and Villaruel was alone again. To feed 7 kids Pamela works from morning to late evening, and the locals, in turn, are trying to help a young mother.

About the fate of the girls has been repeatedly reported in the media, so help comes from all corners of the country. After the birth of triplets the last heat of the girls noticeably faded and she is no longer looking for a soul mate, and devoted himself entirely to children.

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