At the Earth’s orbit discovered another giant alien ship: circle the planet

На орбите Земли обнаружен еще один гигантский корабль пришельцев: окружают планету

Ufologists and conspiracy theorists quite often overwhelm us space Agency allegations that it hides the truth from mankind.

So an alien ship called “the Black knight” for many years did not give rest to researchers. It was first observed 70 years ago.

На орбите Земли обнаружен еще один гигантский корабль пришельцев: окружают планету

Throughout this time the ship appears in orbit of the planet. Of course, no one is 100% sure he belongs to strangers and that it is generally the ship.

And, until recently, experts were confident that the near Land is always just one such alien ship.

But just a couple of days ago ufologists said they noticed another flying object, which is also attributed to alien race.

So during the examination of the Earth with Google Sky, the American experts were able to examine the object in the form of cigars.

На орбите Земли обнаружен еще один гигантский корабль пришельцев: окружают планету

As noted ufologists, the ship approached the planet is very close, so it was no problem to consider. Even managed to determine the approximate size. The object has a length of fifteen hundred meters and a diameter of about 100 meters.

If you compare with the satellites, the size is just huge, so confused objects is simply unrealistic.

Due to the fact that the pictures and video quickly spread on the network, users have begun to Express their opinions.

Moreover, the facility even had time to compare with asteroid Oumuamua, which behaves as a rational creature, and not an ordinary celestial body. In addition, the asteroid also has a cigar-shaped, like the alien ship, discovered already close to the Ground.

Are they somehow related to each other? Maybe there is a connection with the mysterious “Black knight”, which, as suggested by some independent researchers, revolves around our planet and leads one to his wingman patrol for many thousands of years.

Recall that scientists have discovered in the milky way exoplanet, which behaves quite strange. Researchers believe that in the future it can destroy everything on Earth alive.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” on the surface of Mars made an unusual shot. The footage was recorded by an unknown object which looks human. Photo was made by the robot space Agency Opportunity.

Also “Znayu” I wrote statistics says that every year more and more increasing number of people with mental disorders. The reason for this can be the aliens from the mysterious planet Nibiru.

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