Attention and memory: how long it takes the brain to recover after a party

Внимание и память: сколько времени нужно мозгу для восстановления после вечеринки

The research was conducted by scientists from the British University of Bath to study disorders of the brain on the second day after drinking alcohol. The results published in the journal Addiction.

The researchers examined hourly changes in brain function and found that cognitive abilities such as attention and memory, remain reduced even when the level of alcohol in the blood is not easy to define.

Внимание и память: сколько времени нужно мозгу для восстановления после вечеринки

The human brain

Scientists have studied the physiological effects and reactions of the human body and brain that accompany alcohol abuse. In the United States under this statement falls more than four standard doses of alcohol for women and five for men. The standard dose of alcoholic drink contains approximately 14 ml of pure alcohol.

So, spirits are potent diuretics. The body loses a lot of fluid and this leads to dehydration. This most affected the brain, because its shell is almost shrivels. Together with the liquid from organism magnesium, potassium and sodium, which are necessary to maintain the stability of cognitive functions of the brain.

Scientists in the study concluded that excessive alcohol consumption negatively affects the body for a long time. And not only when he is in a state of intoxication – a person still needs time to recuperate, and our brain is recovering more slowly than we think.

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