Audi showed the electric car of the future Q4 e-tron: photos, features, price

Audi показала электрокар будущего Q4 e-tron: фото, характеристики, цена

Q4 e-tron

German automaker Audi released the official images of the new compact Audi Q4 electrocreaser e-tron, which will be officially presented in early March at the Geneva motor show. As expected from Audi, the car looks futuristic, which can not please fans of electric cars.

Audi показала электрокар будущего Q4 e-tron: фото, характеристики, цена

Note that the design of the new electrocreaser echoes already submitted model Audi e-tron, however, this news is all the same smaller size that makes it a direct competitors to the old model Tesla Model.

On the technical characteristics of new items is still unknown, but the automaker most likely uses the work of the older model Audi e-tron. This serial electrocreaser Audi e-tron received 300 kW of power, the battery 95 kWh, power reserve of 400 km (WLTP) and the price tag from $75 thousand However, quite a huge price when compared with a car from Tesla, which sold 30 thousand dollars. All other chips of the new items we learn after the presentation, which will take place no earlier than 2020. Let’s hope that this is a car from Audi will compete with Tesla.

Audi показала электрокар будущего Q4 e-tron: фото, характеристики, цена

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