Australian billionaire will spend $ 72 million to the Institute of journalism

Judith Nielson noted that the Institute will be to promote quality and fair journalism in Australia and around the world.

Австралийский миллиардер потратит 72 миллиона долларов на институт журналистики

News resources of Australia in recent years struggled with falling revenues and reduced state, as giants such as Google and Facebook that dominate the digital economy. Recently it announced the merger of several media giants, and this caused concerns about the future of independent journalism. In the end, in Australia there are 4 major media companies dominated the newspaper News Corp. Rupert Murdoch’s. After that, billionaire and philanthropist Judith Nielson announced the creation of the Sydney independent journalism. It intends to spend $ 72 million.

Nielson says that it is a necessary step against the obvious problems of mass media in a rapidly changing world. The billionaire believes that the education and promotion of media workers will allow to achieve qualitative changes and to restore the faith of the audience to the printed word. The main goal of the Institute will be the pursuit of truth in today’s complex and heterogeneous society, says the philanthropist. The organization will begin its work in 2019 and intends to begin collecting objective information on the Asian region. Previously Judith Nielson was known as a patron of the arts and Director of educational programs