Auto glass wholesale construction equipment – overview of proposals in the market

Quality equipment will please the user the functionality of high power, comfort in use. To maintain the health of the fleet required reliable components, including glazing.

Автостекла для спецтехники оптом - обзор предложений на рынке


Criteria for selection of glass for construction equipment

Today, manufacturers offer bent glass products and laminated glass, each of them have own advantages, but both have been used successfully for equipment of special vehicles:

  1. Bent glass provides the operator excellent visibility, open the overview to 360 degrees. For their installation will not need any special fastening or professional tools. The downside of these parts is a relatively low strength. Bent glass will last a long time on platforms where there is no high probability of being hit by hard objects.
  2. Triplex manufacturers of automotive glass in Russia is produced by gluing several sheets of material that provides increased strength. This provides the possibility to use special equipment in the area where a high probability of falling into glass of clods of earth and other solid objects. Triplex provide high operator protection in the process.

When buying it is important to consider, and the glass manufacturer, the certificate of his vendor. Manufacturers of auto glass for cars and domestic machinery, use high-tech equipment, applied innovation in the production of the parts.

Choosing the original factory glass for spectehniki the user gets the guarantee of long-term use of components. Stopping at a cheaper aftermarket equivalent, it is possible to save, but to pinpoint the resource of glass is impossible. This item can fail at any time.

A rating of manufacturers of glass

Planning a wholesale purchase of auto glass, it is important not just to find a better deal, but be confident in the quality of purchased glass. To make it easier to choose, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of manufacturers of glass, which will help to compare the benefits offered by the various suppliers for the Russian users:

  1. Glass Suite running since 1997, offers glass for construction equipment domestic and foreign production. Range of glass to last is constantly expanding. High quality of production is confirmed by its cooperation with a number of automobile manufacturers in Russia. The company cooperates with commercial organizations operating on the territory of the Russian Federation and in countries near and far abroad. To see the products and quality certificates on the website of the company
  2. Glass technology offers a glass for any emergency vehicles, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company not only offers a wide range of glass of own production, including side and rear elements, but also opened a network of installation centers, where can I go for component installation. When ordering products, retail, have the opportunity to invite masters, who will make the measurements, consult the vehicle owner.
  3. Special glass – manufacturer offers bent glass, laminated glass for special vehicles, buses, passenger cars. The company also operates in Russia, sells products from a warehouse, as well as remotely. A large number of products available on stock, so a long wait for delivery is not required, which minimizes the risk of downtime. If the directory is missing the correct model, the company is ready to manufacture any glass configuration.
  4. GIVGLASS manufactures glass for special vehicles of any model. Offers more than 400 kinds of glass delivery to the regions of the Russian Federation. Glass quickly you can get in the city, delivery to transport company free of charge. The convenient directory allows you to easily place your order through the website.
  5. Autoglass company is working in Ekaterinburg for more than 20 years. Provides manufacturing, installation of glass for construction equipment, sends products in different regions.

Choosing a business partner for the organization of trade with solar control, and also sustain its own large fleet of vehicles, should stay on the manufacturer, who has extensive experience, well-developed dealer network.