Avalanche buried more than 12 persons: a terrible tragedy has shaken the popular resort

Лавина похоронила больше 12-ти человек: жуткая трагедия потрясла популярный курорт

Winter weather in the mountains continues to shake mountaineers and the inhabitants of mountain villages. In Kashmir an avalanche killed 12 people, 1 missing.

About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Weather.

It is reported that a group of rescuers found seven corpses in a police post, which was covered by a snow avalanche near Jawahar tunnel on the highway Jammu-Srinagar. Among the dead were 5 police officers and 2 offender who tried to hide the post from the impending avalanche.

Лавина похоронила больше 12-ти человек: жуткая трагедия потрясла популярный курорт

Also during the search, rescuers had discovered the body of local residents, who were under the snow. Rescuers are continuing to search possible victims.

In addition, the avalanches have occurred in other areas of the valley. Local authorities evacuated 78 families of the village in the Central district of Bahama, which also came under the avalanche.

We will remind, earlier “Znayu” reported that nearly six decades, experts managed to get closer to solving the greatest mysteries of history: the tragedy of climbing group of Igor Dyatlov in the Northern Urals. Although the conclusions were asking themselves, but was more like fiction. As you know, travel the mission Dyatlov died in early 1959 in the vicinity of the mountain Kholat syakhl in the North of Sverdlovsk region. “Dyatlov pass” began to serve not only science, criminal practice and paradigmatic experience in mountaineering, but story different mystical articles, and even movies-horror.

In addition, “Znayu” I wrote that forecasters warned tourists and residents of the Ukrainian Carpathians that in the coming days in the mountainous areas can fall more than 15 inches of snow. Moreover, in some places the height of snow cover reaches a height of from 1.50 to 2.50 meters. According to local old-timers, such snows in the Carpathians, was long gone. Many of them are afraid of the big water, when spring comes and it melts.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that on the road “Mukachevo – Rohatyn” in Dilove village (near tourist sign “Center of Europe”) fell a snow avalanche. About it reports information portal “news of Transcarpathia”. A huge mass of wet snow has completely blocked the roadway. The traffic jam of cars formed by 5 km.

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