Avengers 4 : the last dialogue of Chris Evans was nothing great

Avengers 4 : le dernier dialogue de Chris Evans n’avait rien de génial

“It was something really stupid, really stupid”

The filming of’Avengers 4 was recently completed after a phase of reshoots of a few weeks, stories to put in the box to the latest plans which the brothers Russo needed to finalize the film. Chris Evans took the opportunity to tweet that his last day was ” to say the least, moving. To play this role during the past eight years has been an honor. To those in front of the camera, those behind and to the public, thank you for the memories ! I will be eternally grateful “. And the actor has entrusted a Comicbook.com as her last line of dialogue was far from being anthological : “It was something really stupid, really stupid. And I can probably not even tell what it is. You know, it was for reshoots, so we were doing stuff left and right, small things they need “ to show the film. ” Maybe it was a dialogue with Paul Rudd. He was not there, but it was really a dialogue stupid. Nothing memorable (laughter). The day was more memorable than the dialogue “.

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Avengers 4 will be released on April 25, 2019, and its title has still not been unveiled. Many rumors but will definitely wait for the first trailer to learn more. Go to the end of the year ?

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