Aviation Rostov region received six attack helicopters “alligator”

These helicopters of new generation widely used in exploration and is able to destroy armored and other equipment.

Авиация Ростовской области получила шесть ударных вертолетов «Аллигатор»

Aviation Rostov region received six attack helicopters Ka-52 “alligator” after the document was signed by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the need to improve the combat capabilities of the army. Under this order, rotorcraft sent including in the Krasnodar region. Shoigu said that Russian military industry will provide the combat units of the state technical innovations. Information about the availability of the Ka-52 is spread by the press-center of the SMD.

The air war machine “alligator” came to the Kuban in a disassembled state. Engineers and workers will be engaged in the enforcement of helicopters Ka-52 “alligator” in good condition. They plan to test soon. The ka-52 has received new equipment after the news about military action in Syria.