Badoev against Krapivina: divide “heads and tails”, can reach to the court

Бадоева против Крапивиной: делят "Орел и решку", может дойти до суда

Producer Loboda Natella Krapivina ready to sue Joan Badoev for the statement that the idea of creating the “eagle and tails” belongs to her. Jeanne visiting Urgant told the story about that being a poor College student dreamed of a show about travel. Natella threatened her with court, but gave time for repentance.

While Krapivina said that she does not communicate with Badoeva for many years and even provided documents that prove its exclusive copyright for the project and the trademark “eagle and Reshka”.

Бадоева против Крапивиной: делят "Орел и решку", может дойти до суда

Badoev itself somewhat differently explained his position in comments to Russian gloss.

“The desire to do a travel programme, it was my first year of University, I studied television producer. The program “heads and tails” was born in 2010, it was established by a team of my classmates Eugene and Lena Sinelnikova, writer Katya Turova who decided to flip a coin, I, the producer Natella Krapivina, which we funded and which owns the rights to this show. I do not pull the blanket over himself, but not ready for some reason to step back from the “eagle and tails” so to speak, which was not involved in the creation of this program! I have been a member of this team. We brought the “eagle and tails” on the Ukrainian channel “inter”, which in 2011 held its premiere. After the third season I walked away from this project, I wanted to move on. Only after I left the “heads and tails” was bought by the channel “Friday” and went on it with other leading”, — explained the situation Badoev.

Бадоева против Крапивиной: делят "Орел и решку", может дойти до суда

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