Bane arrives and explodes everything in this superb trailer of the sequel to Gotham

Bane débarque et explose tout dans ce superbe trailer de la suite de Gotham

The villain iconic DC is ready to break all the world.

It happens, and it will hurt ! To celebrate the debut of the terrifying Bane, the famous villain of DC, the american channel Fox has put online a very long trailer, 3 minutes long, which promises to be very, very heavy, for the end of Gotham (below).

The video reminds us of how Eduardo (Shane West) is going to become the monster that everyone knows. And it reveals how Bane will first sunder Alfred, before you take on Selina. Bruce will then try to step in and Gotham to play then, in its own way, the famous scene in cult comics Batman in which Bane breaks the back of the Dark Knight… How will the young Bruce here ?

Followed by “I am Bane,” the episode 10 of season 5 of Gotham, see the march 21 on Fox, and in France on MyTf1 VOD.

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