Bane was active in the trailer for mad season 5 Gotham

Bane s'active dans la bande-annonce démente de la saison 5 de Gotham

The young Batman in become will happen to prevent Gotham from falling into chaos ?

This is a real trailer that has the mouth ! The american channel Fox announced yesterday evening, the official trailer for season 5 of Gotham (below). A video of explosive and almost cinematic, which promises a truly epic finale to the series DC. Attention spoilers !

There are Shane West in the shoes of Eduardo Dorrance, who will play the new Bane, a little different from that of Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. We see the Joker in delirium. Gotham on the edge of chaos. And to prevent this, a young boy named Bruce Wayne, who maintains that there is still a hope. The Black Knight is going to have to turn quickly…

The season 5 finale of Gotham will see on Thursday 3 January 2019, across the Atlantic. In France, the series is broadcast in the US+24 sur MYTF1 VOD.

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