Baranovskaya apart Galkin became sad and finally remembered the children

Julia was distracted from her husband Pugacheva and do their heirs.

Барановская в разлуке с Галкиным загрустила и наконец вспомнила о детях

After the beginning of relations with Maxim Galkin TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya almost forgot about their own children, that immediately noticed her followers in Instagram. The photos of the kids became much less, and the star itself has ceased to appear with them in public. How many humorist changes Pugacheva, to say definitely not possible, however, for the time elapsed since the exposure of young people, a home wrecker, just once or twice publish posts dedicated to the children. It used to happen more often.Apparently, the love is gone Baranovskaya head and she couldn’t think about anything, except elect. Now, however, Galkin went on tour in the US, and Julia was left in Russia. It is, of course, sometimes finds the opportunity to escape abroad and at least a couple hours to stay with Maxim, but it is expensive and short-lived. But, zagruschu from separation, leading finally remembered about their children. On her page in Instagram appeared a publication from the theater “Contemporary”. There Baranovskaya and kids went to see the play “don’t leave your planet.”Of course, in the eyes of the baranouskaya to read the desire to reunite with her husband Pugacheva, but the fact that she was finally allocated a moment for children is commendable. When Maxim arrived from the USA, most likely, Yulia again forgets about the offspring.

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